While the Hanhart'll watch brand is celebrating this year its 130 years of existence, discover in this 2014 autumn two models of chronos automatic bicompax steel (42 mm / waterproof 100 meters). Two pilot watches. Two-piece design definitely vintage. Hanhart of origin codes two timepieces complying in all respects. And still an excellent quality/price ratio.

By their design and their technique, the MonoControl and the TwinControl are unquestionably in the lineage of Hanhart Chronographs by reviving the long tradition of this 130-year-old mark.

Recall that during the first half of the 20th century, Hanhart has played a pioneering role in the field of highly functional precision Chronographs: the mark was indeed a reference with its Chronographs with two counters (so-called bicompax) online.

That is, specifically, a meter less than competition for Replica Watches readability increased. Hanhart watches are also part of the precursors of the famous Type XX the specification explicitly referred to Hanhart ensures the brand in its release.

At the time, these watches were imagined to be handled without error, by day and by night - with or without gloves. Requirements to which the Hanhart Chronographs have never deviated. Neither yesterday nor today.

The Pioneer MonoControl (our favorite) reminds the first chronograph from mono-pusher of the manufacture of Gütenbach in Germany. As early as 1938, the company designs for officers of the Navy a chronograph of accuracy at a single push, with its own 'Calibre 40'.

On this unusual wristwatch, Chronograph functions - start, stop and reset - are driven by a single push and take place always invariably one after the other in sequence. Unlike his counterpart at two buttons, it is not possible to let run the chronograph seconds hand after the judgment because, following pressure, it invariably produces the return to the starting point!

This technical specificity (more than intermediate time) for the orientation and the measurement of distances at sea is intended to exclude any error in navigation. The Pioneer TwinControl has two buttons. It follows from the first Aviator of Hanhart Chronographs equipped at the time of 'Caliber 41' (year 1939). A chrono movement with Flyback function column-wheel.

These Chronographs for pilots were used for precision navigation and were therefore - in part - guarantors of security and the good outcome of each flight. In aeronautics at the time, they were exposed to much more harsh and Rolex submariner replica offshore solicitations: brutal shaking, to enormous differences of temperatures as well as magnetic effects. Hanhart Aviator watches quickly became the essential companions of the drivers of that era.

This model is available since September 24. Since that time, enthusiasts can get - to order - this model with the codes of the French watch brand: box-shaped piston, needles alleviated, etc. Also note the engraving of the Solex word on the winding Crown.

Solex in a few words: designed during the second world war by Marcel Mennesson and Maurice Goudard, the Solex bikes were sold in 1946. In the difficult context of the post-war period, the France in reconstruction is looking for a way to economic and little greedy energy transport. The Solex bikes, whose selling price is less than the minimum wage and whose energy consumption is very low, perfectly meet these two requirements.

At the dawn of the era of the automobile, the Solex is a means of mass transport. He thus enters the legend by occupying a place of first order in the history of the popular engine. Easy transportation of employment, economic and reliable, the Solex quickly met with success: 8 million copies were so marketed between 1946 and 1988 in France and around the world.

Symbol of the post-war France, "bicycle" that rolls all alone has left an indelible mark in the memory of several generations. His home in the city as in the countryside, Solex owes its success to its ability to adapt to the changes and technical requirements. Today, thanks to its ecological electrical option with its innovative design, the Solex symbolizes new elegant mobility for the modern world design and freedom.

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